What is the No Bread Challenge?

The No Bread Challenge is a 50-day event where members, both new and old, commit or recommit to improving their lives through small changes in their daily routines.  This can be a resurgence of what we do; use fitness and nutrition to reach our individual goals!  

How do I participate?

Set a goal! Everyone's NB goals are unique. Maybe you want to lose or gain a few pounds; maybe you want to feel more confident in your favorite pair of jeans; or maybe you want to focus on a healthy lifestyle habit and have fun while you're doing it.

What do I have to do?

  • Sign up using the link above
  • Assess where you’re currently at and what you want to get out of the 50-day challenge
  • Submit your goal to our coaching staff
  • Show up to the gym 3-5 days a week for the next 50 days
  • Enjoy the results

What do I get?

  • Non-Craic members that sign-up for NBC
    • 50-Day unlimited membership
  • All NBC participants
    • Support system of other NBC participants
    • Access to specialty classes which will take place throughout NBC
      • Free for unlimited members!
    • Eligibility to win prizes at the end of the Challenge
    • More one-on-one assistance from coaches in working to reach food/workout goals
    • NBC t-shirt!


If you're interested in trying something new with your diet during this No Bread Challenge we have two options available, No Bread and Macros.

Check out this Amazon Shopping Cart for a few quick items that can help get your NBC jump started!