What is the No Bread Challenge?

The No Bread Challenge is a 50-day event where members, both new and old, commit or recommit to improving their lives through small changes in their daily routines.  Ideally, this becomes a holistic approach to integrating what you’ve learned about yourself and what works for you. The important pieces of NBC16 are the practices and lessons you take with you to day 51 and beyond.  

How do I participate?

Set a goal!  Everyone's NB goals are unique and we want to celebrate individuals, sharing, and collaborations amongst members of the community in order to become powerful versions of yourselves, in whatever capacity is important to you right now. Maybe you want to lose or gain a few pounds; maybe you want to get your first pullup or muscle up or Handstand Pushup; maybe you want to start meditating or taking up a breathing practice; or maybe you just want to try something different and have fun while you're doing it.  Whatever your goal is: we're here for you and are excited to support your journey! Over the course of the first few weeks, coaches will help you define where you’re starting, what your goals are, and help you develop a path to get there.

What do I have to do?

  • Sign up using the link above
  • Assess where you’re currently at and what you want to get out of the 50-day challenge
  • Submit your goal to our coaching staff
  • Show up to the gym 3-5 days a week for the next 50 days
  • Enjoy the results

What do I get?

  • Non-Craic members that sign-up for NBC
    • 50-Day unlimited membership
  • All NBC participants
    • Support system of other NBC participants
    • Access to specialty classes which will take place throughout NBC
      • Free for unlimited members!
    • Eligibility to win prizes at the end of the Challenge
    • More one-on-one assistance from coaches in working to reach food/workout goals
    • NBC t-shirt!


If you're interested in trying something new with your diet during this No Bread Challenge we have two options available, No Bread and Macros.

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