What do I get if I join?

Accountability: Class times, members, and coaches to keep you honest and engaged

Programming: Craic provides a balanced and well-rounded program that you show up for; we take the thinking out of it for you.  There’s something for everyone, with focuses ranging from flexibility needs to high-intensity training.  

Improved quality of life: Reduce your stress, increase your body’s function, surround yourself with like-minded, health conscious, and inspiring people.  

Coaches: Knowledgeable coaches who help provide personal attention and resources for progression

Personal Attention: Your previous fitness experiences, any past injuries, and goals are taken into account in your daily workouts

Results: We help you to track data to gage measurable progress over time.  

Nutrition Education: We pride ourselves on making food simple, easy to understand, and applicable to individuals and families alike.

What to expect when taking your first class...

Technicalities: come in a few minutes early to meet with a coach and sign a waiver.  They’ll make sure you’re comfortable and will introduce you to class and talk you through everything.  Wear workout clothes, sneakers, and bring a water.  

A great warmup, an understanding of what’s expected of you in class, the workout, and maybe a cooldown.  

A potentially humbling or awakening experience.  

A debrief with the coach after class on a mental and physical level, discussion questions like:  What’d you think of the workout?  How did you perform compared to how you thought you would?  Is this something you’re interested in bringing into your life on a consistent basis?”

All we need for you to become a member of our community is payment information and your membership choice.  

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