What are your membership rates?

The Unlimited Membership

  • $200/month
  • Month-to-month; no contract or obligation
  • Includes access to both Dedham and Norwood locations; all class times
  • Unlimited Open Gym time
  • Ability to take full advantage of the programming and get more exposure to coaching

3-Day Per Week Membership

  • $150/month
  • Month-to-month; no contract or obligation
  • Includes access to both Dedham and Norwood locations; all class times
  • Includes three sessions at the gym – whether they be classes or time spent at Open Gym

The Open Gym Membership

  • $100/month
  • For access to open gym during Open Gym hours
  • Great option for people who are doing full time personal programming; for members who are only interested in doing their own thing; or for people who are looking for a garage gym environment without the rules of a corporate gym
  • If you want to take a class you will be subject to the $20/class drop-in rate

Other discounts that may apply include: First Responder memberships, student rates, and couple/family discounts.

If you have friends or family members who have been hesitant to join the gym because of membership costs please have them contact us at info@crossfitcraic.com or call/text (816) 305-7988.

Do you allow drop-ins?

At CrossFit Craic drop-ins are always welcome. We invite you to attend one of our coached classes or to take advantage of our open gym hours.

The rate for drop-in guests is $20 per visit. If you’re in town for an extended period of time, feel free to contact us about purchasing an extended pass.

What is "Life" and "Addict"?

We currently have two programs which run in tandem with each other within the gym: Craic Life & Craic Addict.

Read below for a detailed explanation on each.

Craic Life

Our Craic-Life Program is what 90% of our clients follow. This program is what’s known as a General Physical Preparedness program. The goal is to help our clients attain balance within all the domains of fitness: strength, endurance, speed, agility, power, coordination, balance, accuracy, and flexibility. Attending classes regularly and following this program will get you in the best shape of your life. You will make friends, learn new skills, and reap the benefits in your everyday life.

All classes for this program are considered ‘all levels’ and every workout is adjustable to suit any fitness level.

People in this group may do competitions every now and then – as a way to take themselves a little further out of their comfort zones and just push their limits – but the main focus is on achieving a better quality of life outside the gym.

Classes for this program are 60 minutes. Check our schedule for specific times.

Craic Addict

Our Craic-Addict Program is for our clients that want a little more than the Life Program offers and typically spend more time at the gym. These workouts will combine a strength or skill component – sprint intervals or longer endurance pieces – and usually finish with light gymnastic or isolation work to train weaknesses.  The intensity of this class is not radically different from the Life Program; however, you’ll see that there is greater volume, heavier recommended weight, and more technically challenging movements. As a result, the Addict Program may require an initial adjustment, but, like everything else at Craic, all the work can be scaled to any ability level.

Many of our clients who follow this program enter competitions regularly, however, even if you have no intention of ever competing, you can greatly benefit from attending one of these classes every now and again.

Craic’s Life and Addict programs are both complimentary with membership. Athletes are not required to commit to a single programming track; rather, they can mix and match Life and Addict workouts as schedules and time permits.

Life workouts are coached Monday-Saturday in our scheduled classes and are designed to be completed in 45-60 minutes. Addict workouts are designed to take 80+ minutes and are coached during a handful of our scheduled classes each week.

Many Craic athletes utilize our open gym hours to complete Addict workouts on their own or with a group of friends.

All members are welcome to attend Addict class. The movements are usually similar to that day’s Life program – just structured differently. The coach on duty will be able to assist you.