coach-collinName: Collin O'Sullivan
Nickname: Sully

Six Word Bio: “Police Officer. CrossFit Coach. Life Appreciator.”

Favorite movement: Clean & Jerk

Certifications and Experiences

Crossfit Level 1
Outlaw Barbell Camp

Previous fitness or coaching

Although I had no personal training experience prior to becoming a coach at Craic, I have been involved in weightlifting and bodybuilding for over 25 years. I feel as though my previous experience in strength training helps to round off my overall knowledge of the body and how to increase strength in all areas. I try to include numerous bodybuilding type exercises in my training as I feel that this helps to improve many areas of Crossfit specific movements. I was also involved in yoga for a few years and am a firm believer that staying flexible and having good mobility plays a substantial role in maintaining musculoskeletal stability.

Outside-the-gym life

Outside of the gym I am a full time police officer in Dedham and have been since 2001. I also enjoy spending time with my wife Tiffany, who is also a member at Craic, and our two dopey Labs, Bluto and Lola.

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