munchName: Andrew
Nickname: Munch

Six Word Bio: “Speak softly; carry a big stick.”

Favorite movement: Overhead Squat

Certifications and Experiences

Crossfit Level 1

Previous fitness or coaching

I played high school baseball, golf, and indoor track. After college, I played baseball in the Boston Park League for the New Hampshire 603’s (I’ve never lived in New Hampshire, but Life Free or Die baby!) until a broken ankle forced me into “early retirement.” After my ankle completely healed, I walked through the doors of Craic for the first time and the rest is history.

Outside-the-gym life

Outside the gym between Monday and Friday I work for an Internet security startup. Saturday and Sunday I enjoy exploring the hiking trails of Greater Boston with our dog, Mr. Bear; tasting the Boston restaurant scene with my wife (pictured above); or hanging out in the gym... eating donuts... and making excuses about why I shouldn't be required to do cardio.