Welcome to The Craic Podcast, where we talk about the real side of fitness!  We discuss the challenges and triumphs of the everyday athlete (and, today, their coaches!) and reasons why they keep coming back.  

In today’s episode we talk to our friend and coach Alex Morningstar!  Alex coaches natural movement practices and martial arts out of First Light Academy in Hood River, Oregon and works with his clients on training for balance in the wheel of life.  He has recently rolled out an intentional lifestyle design program in an effort to “teach each other to human.”  Check out this fascinating, and wholehearted conversation with Alex! 

If you enjoy what Alex has to say and want to connect further, follow him on Instagram @Fire__Coach.  Stay tuned for more opportunities to work remotely with Alex!

Follow his gym @FirstLightAcademy and check them out at www.firstlightacademy.com!  

NOTE: Please forgive the slightly grainy audio!

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