The 2019 CrossFit Open is coming!  Starting on February 21st, the Open will run for 5 consecutive weeks, with workouts coming out every Thursday and scores needing to be submitted by the following Monday.  This is a way for us to measure progress on a global scale.  Many members find that comparing their scores, performances, and modifications from year to year is very helpful and motivating!

We will be running the Open workouts every Friday and Monday afternoon at 4:30pm, as well as at TuckFit every Saturday morning.  Class programming on Fridays and Mondays will interact with or support the Open Workouts.  Members are also welcome to complete them anytime during those days at Open Gym.  Participating in the Open is also a great way to meet and interact with other members at the gym.  The supportive and encouraging environment at these classes is above and beyond what we typically see in class and it’s an awesome sight to see everyone test the work they’ve put in all year.

SIGN UP!  Signing up matters!  It makes us all try a little harder when we know we’re going to be judged and will submit our scores.  It add a layer of accountability for every workout!  So, do it!  Follow these steps to sign up!

  1. Go to and login or create a new account.
  2. Click on the OPEN link and click SIGN UP!
  3. Follow the registration steps.  Register as part of CROSSFIT CRAIC as your affiliate!
  4. The deadline to sign up is February 25th, the final day to submit scores for 19.1.

We would love for EVERYONE to sign up!  Workouts will be written as “Rx” and “scaled” so we’ll all be able to work on something in them!

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Image from @crossfitgames.