Craic Family,

As part of #CraicGivesBack, we welcome you to the First Responders Challenge 2019!

Each year, we raise money to support The 100 Club of Massachusetts.  These donations are used to support the family members of first responders who sacrifice it all in the line of duty.  

This year, we invite you to donate what you can using this link (select John, Yuri, or Tully’s name when donating) and then join us for the raffle party on Friday January 25th from 7-11pm at CrossFit Craic, 12 Oceana Way, Norwood!

For every $100 donated, you will receive one ticket towards a raffle of a premium box to a Bruins game!  So, if you donate $500, you get 5 entries. The box sits 18 people and is an awesome experience. We are also raffling off prizes for $25 donations and above, some of these prizes will be for tickets to Bruins and Celtics games.  If you want to donate by cash or check, reach out to John or Yuri.

Thank you for your support,
John Fanning, Yuri Bukehnik, and Brian Tully