We are excited to introduce the CRAIC REFERRAL PLAN!

The plan in simple.
1. Refer someone to CRAIC.
2. That Referral joins CRAIC!
Voucher Rules: This voucher is a gift for you to apply to your current membership, OR to gift to another current member.

FAQs about referrals:

1. How do I refer a member?
Have them list you as a referrer when they schedule an intro, come to a Bring a Friend Day, or try a class.

OR, send us contact information of people you think would benefit from what we do here at Craic. Email info@crossfitcraic.com with their names and email/phone number.

2. Who should I consider to refer?
-Friends, family members, co-workers, peers, practically anyone who you think would benefit from our educational and motivational skills.
-Anyone who is looking to create a life change.
-Someone who you’d like to see build strength, endurance, and self-confidence.
-Anyone who has mentioned to you that they feel stuck, or uninspired to work out.

3. How do you define a current membership?
This voucher can apply to any current 3x/week, unlimited, or open gym membership.
This does NOT apply to members that are currently on hold, or are no longer active members at the gym.

4. How does this voucher impact your current membership?
Regardless of your current status, when you use this voucher, you will be open to the same benefits of the unlimited membership for the month the voucher applies to.

5. When would I receive my voucher?
You can expect a voucher within the first week of the month following the referral joining the gym.
For example, if someone joins the gym January 15th, the referrer can expect a voucher during the first week of February. The soonest the voucher can be applied would be at the start of the next billing cycle, in this case, March 1.

6. How does one go about using/gifting a voucher?
Contact Sara and indicate when you would like the voucher applied to your account, or decide who to gift the voucher to and when to apply it to their account.
If you wish to stay anonymous, or would like help choosing an appropriate person to gift to, Sara can help with that as well. Contact Sara at sara@crossfitcraic.com.

7. What about retroactive referrals?
Thank you for your help in building the gym! It’s our mission to spread our health and fitness with the people we care about most. This initiative is new and aims to support that message. This program starts in 2019!