Here it is!  A long overdue announcement of the No Bread Challenge 16 WINNER!  NICKI MACEDO crushed this challenge!  Her results are showing through her gym attendance, food management, and confidence!  

Nicki set out with a goal to improve her nutrition and adapt healthier habits because she want to feel better with herself inside and out.  To do this, her plan was to hit her macros at least 5 days a week and to get to the gym 5 days a week.

She said, “I made a conscious effort to not go into NB with huge expectations. I didn’t want to say I wanted to lose 10lbs because then if that exact thing didn’t happen I “failed”. My expectations for myself were to push and challenge myself to eat better and adapt healthier life style choices: sleep more, de-stress, and workout the majority of the week.”

At the end of The Challenge, she hoped to “feel better, look better, and be a better version of myself.”

So, how’d it go??  At the conclusion of NBC16, she said, “Overall I would say I was really successful. I LOVE coming to the gym throughout the week!  Eating much healthier feels good and I really enjoy it. I also gained a lot more confidence, in myself and my abilities in the gym.  I was embarrassed a lot in the beginning of how little I lifted or how winded I got right off the bat. Now I’m still lifting lighter than a lot of the class and gasp for air after WODs, but I saw huge improvements in myself and that is a huge motivator to keep pushing!”  Awesome, Nicki!  We can see your progress in class and in the way you carry yourself!

Nicki focused on three items in particular to reach her goals.  She worked on tracking food, showing up to the gym, and drinking more water.  “These were all measurable things.  I could see how much I was eating/ drinking and see the number of workouts I logged in SugarWOD and that was an easy way for me to stay accountable to myself.”

Some items were still a challenge for Nicki, but she’s still working on them!  She said, “While tracking my food was fine, and the majority of the time I was always in my calorie limit, actually hitting my macros are forever a work in progress. I think as a learn more about food and nutrition it will improve, but for now I’ll keep trying. Getting enough sleep was hard – I’m a night owl and stay up more when stressed. The holidays at my work is insane so I know I could’ve improved on that.  As much as I feel I grew more confident, I could work harder to trust myself and not assume failure before it happens.”  Sometimes acknowledgements of things we struggle with allow us to focus on, and tackle them, even more!

Overall, we’re so excited Nicki decided to join us at Craic and it’s been amazing to watch her progress.  She said, “I cannot say enough how happy I am I found the Craic Instagram page and made the jump to email you guys. Joining this gym is one of the best things I’ve done and participating in NB gave me such a great environment to get even more involved in the gym and with other members. I loved sports in high school and I missed that athlete feeling – I LOVE this gym and how it brings me back to that competitive place I loved in high school. CrossFit comes across very intimidating – especially when you’ve gotten far out of shape, but every single person in the gym is so kind motivating and helpful you can’t help but want to come back and be surrounded by those people again. I’m super thankful for all you guys! I’m using the drive and motivation to keep going in this journey, pushing myself to work harder, be better, and live healthier!”

After she submitted her photos, Nicki said, “Seeing all the pictures side-by-side definitely helped me to see the changes more. I’m really happy with them and I think the last time I weighed myself was mid-November. At that point I was down 5-6 pounds. But I was much more impressed with inches lost and how I needed to buy a size down in work pants because mine were way too baggy.”  The changes are evident!  Sometimes having to buy new clothes isn’t a bad thing!

Nicki reported that her efforts also contributed to her feeling more confident overall.  She said, “All of my efforts combined definitely helped with my confidence. But, honestly, I think what helped my confidence grow most was how I improved in the gym and being more proud of myself after workouts and getting to heavier weights and faster times on different workouts.”

Keep working on these habits, Nicki!  Putting in the work will and is paying off!  Congrats on the NBC16 win!