In this week’s episode we discuss who Craic coaches are for their members and how our member’s needs can be met through the class programming.  If you’re interested in seeing how the workouts fit your physical abilities, how they support your fitness goals, or how they can satisfy your competitive spirit, be sure to listen to this podcast episode!

Our intention is for coaches to be an open resource for our members.  Every workout can be tailored to meet your physical abilities, accommodate your specific training goals, or push you to a competitive level.  On a daily basis, we’re asking our members to take note of any injuries or limitations that they might have, or any general concerns.  Also, consider current goals and how we all can maximize time spent at the gym. 

In this episode we further discuss this level of communication between coaches and members in connection to the programming.  We also urge listeners outside of our gym to reach out to their own coaches about this topic and get the help they may need! 

You can do this yourself by reviewing workouts, gathering your own information, and possibly reaching out to your current coach, or contacting us at

Thank you to everyone who has shared with us so far.  We look forward to continuing this conversation.  If you found this message beneficial, or know someone who might find it helpful, please share this and help us spread this message!  

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