Are you someone, or do you know of anyone, with special needs or a disability who is interested in experiencing fitness?  

Our members at Craic always reflect positively on our amazing community, and we pride ourselves on having a very diverse gym.  In continuing to pursue that, we found that there is an underserved part of our own community that we wanted to accommodate. Craic Coaches and volunteers with Special Education experience are teaming up to create and inclusive program for any person with special needs or abilities above the age of 5!  

This October we are introducing the Craic Abilities Program (CAP)!  On October 6th from 11:30am-12:30pm we’re hosting an Open House for all parents, guardians, organizations, friends of friends, other interested affiliates and coaches, or anyone interested in volunteering.  Here, we will discuss more details and plans about the program, allow families and friends to see the gym, and, most importantly, run through a sample class so that members and supporting parties can get a feel for what each class would look like.

The intention of this class is to promote health and fitness; we do that by cultivating a fun, inviting, and inclusive atmosphere.  This class is designed to give those with special needs and abilities the opportunity to train in a class environment at Craic. CAP athletes will bring awareness to the body by moving objects and themselves more efficiently through space, by increasing and promoting strength building and socialization, and, in general, getting out and moving around.  

The information gathered from this open house will be used by coaches and volunteers to set a schedule for CAP classes.  We’re looking for as much participation as possible and are encouraging all of you to invite as many people, organizations, or families that this applies to! Any questions or helpful information can be sent to  

Please pass on this information to anyone who might be interested in this program or attending the open house on 10/6.  Thank you for sharing and helping us get this program off the ground!