Over the summer we had a group of college students get their fitness on at Craic before returning to school this fall!  They became an amazing part of our community for the summer months and we were happy to have them.  We wish them all the best back at school and hope they come back to join us on future breaks!

We asked them a few questions about their experiences at Craic!  Here’s what they said!


“Craic really improved my overall strength!  I was doing movements I had never done before and using muscles that I normally wouldn’t work. Craic also forced me to do exercises that I would normally skip like squatting.

I really enjoyed any type of AMRAP!   I really fell in love with CrossFit because of Craic and look forward to continuing on with it!”


“Craic impacted my fitness levels in great ways and introduced me to new ways to exercise. There was such a difference of my endurance and the amount of weight I could lift at the end of the summer.

Craic has also impacted the food I eat by knowing which foods make me feel good during a workout. This includes what I eat before and after to give me energy and help me recover.

My favorite type of workout were 1 Rep Max workouts like deadlifting and cleaning. I had so much fun seeing how much weight I could lift and cheering other people on.
Craic definitely impacted my outlook on fitness for the future and I am excited to continue CrossFit when I come back home!”



Screen Shot 2018-09-22 at 7.36.19 AM“My involvement at Craic impacted my fitness levels for sure. When I first walked into the gym I was always so nervous because I wasn’t very strong and was out of shape from being away at school, but over the summer I have noticed significant changes in how much I can lift and how quickly I can do different workouts at the gym.

My involvement at Craic definitely changed my approach to food and made me more mindful of what I was putting into my body on an everyday basis. I quickly realized you will not see any results in your body if you don’t eat properly and felt my performance at the gym was a lot better when I was eating things that were good for me.

My favorite workouts at the gym were usually ones that were cardio heavy that included running because at first that was one of the only things I was good at at the beginning of my summer. By the end I really liked front and back squatting and workouts that included wallballs, goblet squats, ring rows, or kettle bells.

My time at Craic has made me change my mind on future fitness paths. I discovered that I want to live an active healthy lifestyle and am probably going to join a CrossFit gym near my college to continue to work on my strength, and that I want to continue to do CrossFit in the future.

Thank you so much for an amazing summer at Craic I never thought I would have ever enjoyed CrossFit as much as I did!”


“Craic has helped me realize new movements that I can do at the gym that will benefit me in the long run. Before my time at the gym I wouldn’t really challenge myself or wouldn’t increase weights. After spending the summer at Craic, I have learned how to adjust weights appropriately and how to improve my fitness levels.

Although I may not have counted calories or macros or anything like that while I was at Craic, it did make me more self-aware of what I was putting into my body and how it would affect my fitness. I tried my best to eat better than I normally would and I am still going to try to do that after Craic.

I would say my favorite workouts were the AMRAPs. I enjoyed these because they really really pushed me and although I was tired I would push through just like everyone else. I always felt like I got the best workouts from AMRAPs and felt so good leaving the gym.

Craic has really changed the way I look at fitness. I used to love working out, but hated actually going to the gym because I knew some things that would keep me “in shape,” but did not know enough and didn’t know how to really improve like I wanted to. Craic has made me more confident in my abilities and I am so looking forward to coming back for the times that I’m home from school!

I loved my summer at Craic and how well the coaches teach because even when I really struggled, none of the coaches would get frustrated with me. Everyone, coaches and members, always were willing to help me out and cheer me on and it really made me feel better about being there (especially the first few times I went)!”