Team “Friends With Slow Paces” is off to the Reebok Ragnar Reach the Beach race!  The team is made up of Craic members Jason G., Burke D., Brendan O., Jay C., Jeff A., Tom G., Carolyn S., Carleen T., Laurie K., Colleen K., Kristin C., Cheryl K.  They are headed to Bretton Woods, NH to race to Hampton Beach, NH on September 14th and 15th.

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The Reebok Ragnar Reach the Beach (RTB) is more than a running race; it’s an overnight adventure, yearly tradition and community celebration all rolled into one.

This race is like no other. Starting at Bretton Woods, teams of 12 (or 6) come together to do what they couldn’t do alone: conquer 200-ish miles by foot. The whole team will pile into two adventure mobiles and run relay-style on Friday-Saturday from sun up, to sundown, and sun up again. Along the course runners will enjoy built in ice-baths (aka alpine lakes), and endless amounts of beauty in the form of larger-than-life mountains, covered bridges and pristine countryside.

During the race, each participant runs three times, with each leg ranging between 3-13 miles and varying in difficulty. Runners average about 17 total miles, with some of the shorter runner positions totaling 11 miles and some of the longer runner positions totaling 24 miles.

For the last two months, the team has been meeting at various times/days and running anywhere from 3 to 9 miles together.

reach the beach
Running at night is a crucial part of running a Ragnar, and training for a Ragnar. During a Ragnar, each participant is required to run with a safety vest, headlamp and tail-light. Here are some members of the team taking their equipment out for a test drive!

When you see members of this team around the gym, wish them luck on their upcoming adventure!