On Friday August 10th, we’re hosting our 2018 Mock Powerlifting Meet! Powerlifting includes a back squat, a bench press, and a deadlift (sumo or conventional). This event is just for fun and not for a score, however, if you achieve a board score, you can record that at Craic. ALL LEVELS ARE WELCOME TO PARTICIPATE! Powerlifting/CrossFitting friends from other gyms are also welcome to sign up! The event will run from 6pm-9ish. Spectators are welcome!

We will be running the event in a new format. Athletes will follow each other in an ordered rotation, which will allow athletes to better prepare, rest for, and learn from their attempts (clarification of this will happen at the beginning of the meet).

This powerlifting meet will be “full power” which means everyone can have three attempts at a back squat, a bench press, and a deadlift, or any of the three you want to do (lifters can participate in one, two, or all three events).

*We’ll be using powerlifting standards, which means:
-You will need to pause at your chest on the bench press and show control at the top of the rep.
-You will need to show control at the top of your deadlift and place it back on the ground.