Today we’re announcing our 1ST PLACE WINNER from The No Bread Challenge 15!!  CHERYL KERR absolutely crushed this challenge!  Her results are showing all over the place, physically, in her performance, and in her mindset!  Congrats, Cheryl!  We love to see hard work pay off!

Cheryl’s goals were to log nutrition and hold to macros for 50 days, to get strict pullups, and to improve her mobility and strength in her hip flexors.  She said, “I want to take my strength and fitness to the next level and these are the three foundational pieces that will get me there. Also I want to look HAWT in a bikini.”

She had a very specific plan to work towards these goals.  She said, “I’ve worked closely with Ben, who has helped me come up with a plan that includes all three goals. I arrived at least 15 minutes before WOD for mobility work and staying 25-30 after for extra work. When I could, I attended Ben’s mobility class. I’ve also been recording everything daily in my google doc, Sugar WOD and MyFitnessPal.”

Cheryl worked so hard over the past 50 days to achieve these goals and she succeeded!  She said, “YES!! I got my strict pull-up AND feel greater mobility and strength in my hip flexors. To achieve these goals I stuck to a regimen of 15 min mobility pre class, 30 min extra work (mostly upper body strength work after class), muscular therapy with Lori Bisbano every 3 weeks, and vinyasa flow yoga once a week. I’m noticing my hip flexor strength/mobility in both yoga class, where I can now do hero stretch (start kneeling and lie all the way back to floor), and can grab my back foot and pull up while taking a knee. Also, I’m more aware of the importance of my hips in kipping, which is helping me get higher. These weren’t my goals for NO Bread, but I also got PRs in rowing AND deadlifting (from 200 to 215#!) Post NO Bread I’m looking at that illusive c2b that is CALLING MY NAME and PRing and board scoring my 500 row. Because I know I can!”

We also asked Cheryl if her involvement in the NBC change the way that she looked at herself, the gym, or her food.  She said, “By. Far. The extra work I did increased my strength and body composition so that I don’t even recognize pictures of myself. The coaches were so helpful even when I was sticking around after class, there was always someone commenting on my form or noticing my work. Having attentive coaches made me want to work out more and enjoy the extra work, which in turn, allows me to enjoy the results! I don’t believe I have ever worked as hard as I have these past 50 days and the strength and confidence that I have now are fuel for the rest of my life that requires me to constantly be stronger than the suffering, fear, anger, and frustration I have to hold and walk along side every day. Doing really hard stuff every morning prepares me for moments in my day when I have to do other really hard things like sit with folks in the midst of their grief, explain death when death has no explanation, and believe with all of my heart and body that love will always win over hate and violence. This is what I do between WODs, no joke. Craic gives me the strength and confidence to do it.”  We’re so happy to see that Cheryl, and so many of us, are able to use what we learn about ourselves in the gym to benefit us outside the gym.

Cheryl added, “I love Craic and everything about it.  I also appreciate the accessibility of coaches. I can appreciate what it takes to be accessible 24/7. Thank you for this, coaches! Also, I never would have had some an incredible experience this NO Bread without Ben, his expertise and #extrawerk. Thanks so much, Ben!”

Now, for the amazing Before and After photos!  Cheryl said, “I’ve been getting very random compliments and questions about where I work out and not really understanding why until I really looked at these photos.  Um… even I have to admit this is pretty remarkable.”

Screen Shot 2018-06-29 at 7.51.07 AM
Screen Shot 2018-06-29 at 7.51.18 AM

“The past 50 days have transformed more than just my body.  My mind and my heart are stronger as well which is vital for the work I do.  In the past month and a half I have sat bedside with four people after near fatal health events, cared for over 100 Puerto Rican evacuees that landed in a Dedham hotel without anything including petitioning Massachusetts leadership and legislators to give a damn (they don’t), and continuously preach hope to people who are very steadily and angrily loosing it.  As I mentioned to Ben, there are a bunch of reasons why I do CrossFit, but the most compelling reason is to be stronger than the bullshit.  Strong enough to handle whatever life throws in my direction – or anyone’s direction that I’m caring for at any given time… which is, like, everyone.  All the time.  Yeah.  So, I also do this to care for myself.”  WOW!  Amazing work!  We can’t wait to see what the next 100+ days bring for you, Cheryl!  Keep it up!

We have one more post about winner announcements to come tomorrow!!!