We also wanted to acknowledge two honorable mention performances from The No Bread Challenge 15!!  



Cami’s goal during this No Bread was to get 1 Strict Ring Muscle Up.  This is a movement that she’s tried in the past and had not yet been able to get.  She said, “This is the sort of ‘final’ gymnasty CrossFit move that I can’t do. I really want to get one, and I also think it will help my kipping MU technique as well.”

In order to work towards one, her plan was to “incorporate pushing and pulling strength “extras” at least twice a week. I know that I need to get stronger with my pulling muscles to gain the momentum and height needed in my pull to get through the rings. I may also substitute strict pulling movements in workouts vs. kipping, to maximize my time at the gym to meet my goal. I will also utilize the expertise of my coaches and my gymnastics squad!”

SHE DID IT!  And she did it rather early in the Challenge.  “During NB I performed 1-2 strict MU per week, after I got my first one. I was also able to string together 2 kipping ring MU for the first time, and during a work out!! My chest to bars felt stronger and more consistent as well. I also PR’d my unbroken bar muscle ups for 7!”

How’d she do it?  She said, “To reach my goal, I met with Coach Alex at the beginning of NB and he assessed where I was with my MU and then gave me some drills to work on based on my needs at that time. Giorgio also gave our group extra pushing and pulling strength work each week, and I was consistent about incorporating that into my weekly training. I also subbed in strict pulling during workouts, instead of kipping, when I could! I made notes in Sugward WOD and in our Facebook group to keep myself accountable throughout the 50 days!”

Check out these attempts over time:

In reflection about this NBC, Cami said, “At first I almost didn’t sign up for this No Bread because I’ve been juggling some movement limitations since February, and I was feeling a little frustrated about it. I changed my mindset about it and decided to focus on the things I CAN DO, verses the things I CAN’T DO. In reality there’s only a small list of things that I’m limited to, and there’s a HUGE list of things I CAN DO!!! I knew I could do all of the pulling and pushing that I wanted, so I picked a goal centered around that. Secondly, I’ve really wanted to be able to do a strict MU but just haven’t put the time and focus into it, so this NB was the perfect time to do that. I picked a goal I COULD DO and WANTED to achieve. So, I would say that this NB was a really good lesson in mindset for me. I love everything about Craic, and it’s a very special and important place to me. I was really glad that I was able to adjust the way I was thinking about my workouts, and continuing to find ways to get stronger and feel successful, even when there were days when I wasn’t able to follow the programming exactly- and that is OK! I also loved seeing so many new members crushing this No Bread, and our current members making some amazing progress. Remember, strong ladies are bad ass!”  This is what it’s all about!  Congrats, Cami!

As a side note, Cami was also one of the winners of NBC14, so huge props to her for putting in WORK to be recognized during two challenges in a row!



This was Mariah’s first No Bread Challenge and she CRUSHED it!  Her goal was to improve her overall nutrition habits, and learn more about her relationship with food, as both an active gym goer and as a person in general.  Heading into NBC15 she felt like she had a good handle on the working out portion of the gym, but has always struggled with her nutrition.

Her plan was to come up with a sustainable meal plan, and to take a crack and counting Macros!  She also had a plan to help herself stay on it.  Mariah said, “I will ideally like to keep a log of meals I eat throughout the week as well as see if I can notice a difference with my overall energy throughout the day and performances at the gym. Hopefully I will see physical differences as well feel better about my overall appearance.  I’ll also be more focused on feeling healthier and knowing I’m putting quality foods into my diet.”

Here’s what happened:  “This was a journey; I started out with losing 5 pounds and went back to losing 3 overall over the 8 weeks, although I can see a physical difference compared to when I started. I learned so much about food and my own willpower, specifically with candy and crappy food at work. I have tracked every meal I have had for the past 8 weeks; I also included tracking if I made it to the gym, how I felt throughout the day and more recently what time I ate.  This was the best experience and I’m going to continue my nutrition journey even during the close of No Bread. I cannot thank you enough for pointing me in the right direction! I’m really proud of my tracking notebook and all of the work I put into it!”

A sample of Mariah’s food and workout journal!

This No Bread Challenge allowed Mariah to refine her relationship with food and how it connects to her workouts.  She said, “I am so aware of what I am eating now that the idea of ‘cheating’ and straying away from my goals seems unappealing. Granted, I love chocolate and all of that, but my relationship with my treat foods has changed. I also noticed a difference in my energy at the gym and my overall performance; I was preforming better in workouts and even got a few PRs in the mix. I also now see that what you do in the kitchen can directly translate to how you preform in the gym. You cannot have one without the other. I am so excited to keep going and see where this new found love of nutrition takes me! Hopefully I’ll learn some new things even when No Bread is over!” Yay for continuing to learn and grow!

In closing, Mariah said, “This place is the best! I love it so much! 🙂 Thank you Steph and Sara for your coaching and dedication to your members (even the new ones like me)!”  Of course!  We’re so glad you found success through this Challenge and are looking forward to seeing your continued progress!