Today we’re announcing our 3rd place winner from The No Bread Challenge 15!!  She put in A LOT of hard work, and learned a lot about herself during this challenge… congratulations to BECKY McCABE!!!!

Going into this challenge, Becky set her goal to work on stringing toes to bar together, but she ended up doing that and so much more!

Before NBC15 started, she said, “Over the past several months, I have noticed my performance in workouts containing toes-to-bar is significantly lower than I would like. I am unable to demonstrate consecutive toes-to-bar, which negatively impacts my speed and efficiency during workouts. I have been frustrated by my ability to demonstrate this skill for quite some time, yet I have never focused upon improvement in this area.”  

Her plan to tackle this goal was simple.  She said, “Beyond participating in workouts that contain toes-to-bar, I would like to spend some minutes at the end of class focusing on specific skills, such as increasing grip strength and various toes-to-bar progressions and drills. I would like to ask the coaches more about specific practice and drills I could work on, as I do not know where to start. I would also like to know progressions to use during workouts that would lead to increased results. Currently, I complete toes-to-bar one at a time in an effort to complete a workout Rx, which is most likely not helping me achieve my goal in any way. I think I need to shift my mindset from focusing upon Rx to focusing on a progression that will increase my skill set and lead to a greater result long-term.”  Yes!!! Exactly!!! 

So, how’d she do??  Did she meet her goal??  Yes!  She said, “I met my goal pretty early on in the challenge. I went to the gym during open gym hours to work with Alex on my toes to bar form. During this session, I did three toes to bar in a row! Throughout the challenge, I continued to work on toes to bar both in class and after class. I even did 7 toes to bar in a row during a Tuckfit class! There are some days I still struggle with this movement, but now that I know I can do this, I’m focusing more on my kipping form and trying out different progressions, like straight leg raises, instead of stressing about connecting to the bar every time.”  This is precisely what it’s all about!  Realizing the progress and the progressions needed to get there!  Great stuff, Becky!  

Here’s some video proof of here work:


Aside from meeting this goal, Becky also reported other successes during NBC15.  She said, “I have done a few NBCs during my years at Craic and this was by far the best challenge yet! I did not stress out too much about my food. In the past, I focused on making huge changes, like cutting out all “bad” carbs, or never eating dessert. Instead, I focused on small changes that I know I can sustain over time, such as changing some poor eating habits. For example, I always crave salty snacks in the afternoon and I was making some unhealthy choices (Ex. Wavy Lays, I can’t stop). I focused on correcting this bad habit by making different choices that still satisfied that craving for crunchy, salty snacks, like roasted pistachio nuts. I tried to meal plan and prep most weeks, which wasn’t always easy during this super busy spring! I also did almost all of my grocery shopping online (thank you, Instacart), which eliminated those impulse buys and actually saved me money. By focusing on just some small, simple changes, I actually lost 5 pounds!”  Even though it wasn’t necessarily a goal she set out to accomplish, Becky realized that small changes, performed over time, were the key to leading to her success!  Take note, everyone!!  We also hope that Becky will continue to use this strategy to tackle her food plans going forward.  

We also LOVE when people make it a goal for themselves to move out of their comfort zones!  Becky said, “I also decided that during this NBC I would try everything, even if it made me nervous! I focused on getting involved in the gym in ways I hadn’t before. I tried my first specialty class-gymnastics with Alex and Giorgio-which was so much fun and I learned a lot! I tried Murph for the first time. I have always been terrified of this workout and I am so thrilled that I actually completed it in under an hour! I never thought I could do 200 push-ups in one workout. I joined a rowing club workout, which I’d never tried before. I also signed up for the Craic Olympics for the first time and my team won!!! There have been many, many amazing moments since joining the gym four years ago, but the moment Jarrod announced our team won was by far the best moment of my CrossFit journey. I never thought I could feel like an athlete at age 40, but I absolutely feel stronger and faster than I’ve ever felt. My self confidence is so much better. Trying new things and jumping into new experiences, even though they scare me, has taught me so much about myself and translated into other parts of my life. I’m actually sad NBC15 is over, but I’m excited to see what is to come! Thank you, Craic. I am so, so lucky to be a part of this community.”  If that kind of progress doesn’t make you all teary eyed, we don’t know what will!!  Becky, this is amazing and we’re so happy we could help facilitate these results.  You should be very proud and stick with it!!! 

In closing, Becky said, “It’s great to mix things up and try new things! I also LOVE all of you coaches, I feel like I learn something different from each coach and I genuinely feel like you all care about me, both inside of the gym and outside of the gym. It’s an awesome support system. Thank you!”  We love you too, Becky!!  Congrats again!

More winner announcements to come over the next few days!!!