Today we’re announcing our 2nd place winner from The No Bread Challenge 15!!  If you’ve seen this guy around the gym over the past few weeks, you’ve noticed his changes!  Congratulations SCOTT MALLOY!  


Scott’s goal going into NBC15 was to lose a WHOPPING 30 pounds!  While he did not quite hit his goal, he said, “I got pretty close with losing 24lbs. I have not felt this good in a very long time. I have more energy, all my clothes fit better (some are too big), and the most important thing is, I like the way I look!”  This is great news!  Feeling good about yourself and your body composition is what it’s all about!

How’d he do it, you ask?  He followed a No Bread food plan, but also said, “I stopped drinking for the whole time of No Bread!  Not one drop!  I changed the way I ate. I went to the gym more and worked harder when I was there.”  He also was able to feed off of the support that everyone gave one another during The Challenge!

Here are Scott’s before and after measurements from No Bread 15:

Waist- 38.5″ / 36.5″
Chest- 43″ / 41″
Neck- 15″ / 14″
Hips- 45″ / 41.5″
Thigh- 27″ / 24.5″
“Muffin Top” 🙂 – 41″ / 38″ If that one counts.
Weight- 235lbs / 211lbs!!!!!


VERY IMPRESSIVE, SCOTT!  Keep up the good work, you’re crushing it!

More winner announcements to come over the next few days!!!