It’s that time again!  No Bread Challenge 15 is here!  

What is the No Bread Challenge, you ask? It’s simple…  The No Bread Challenge is a 50-day event where members, both new and old, commit or recommit to improving their lives through small changes in their daily routines.  This can be a resurgence of what we do; use fitness and nutrition to reach our individual goals!

Everyone’s NB goals are unique. Maybe you want to lose or gain a few pounds; maybe you want to get your first pullup or muscle up or Handstand Pushup; maybe you want to clean or squat heavier; or maybe you just want to try something different and have fun while you’re doing it.  Whatever your goal is: we’re here for you and are excited to watch you progress!

NBC15 will run from May 1st-June 19th!  

Sign up and more information is here:

*The cost for gym members is $50 (a t-shirt is included) for all participants.  Gym members who sign up for No Bread will get unlimited access to the gym for 50 days, be eligible to win the contest and get prizes, and be able to attend specialty classes for the duration of No Bread.

*As with previous challenges, NBC15 will act as a trial period for the gym for 50 Days. It is $50 for these 50 days!  These trial members will get unlimited access to the gym, with the exception of the 5:15am and 4:30pm classes for the first 4 weeks of the challenge; these classes will be “blacked out” for trial members until May 28th.  These members will also get a NBC15 shirt, and h ave the option to purchase any of the following items: Victory Grips, a JumpNRope Speed Rope, or a 2lb container of Trutein Protein. (Current members can also opt to purchase these items if they want.)  So, if any of your friends or family members want to try the gym make sure they register soon! Feel free to invite anyone you think might benefit from joining the gym.  There will be an “onramp”/test week to acclimate everyone to the gym.

Similar to NBC14, this Challenge will allow everyone to establish their own goals and set a plan to work to achieve them.  Additionally, we will breaking into groups based on goals to allow for accountability and support. At the start of this Challenge you will submit your goals and plan to us, and then you’ll submit your results at the end.  Challenge winners will be chosen based on this information.

More details to come on the NBC15 informational talk.  We’ll keep everyone posted!