Why should you come to Craic?

Our members come to the gym to make friends, to start over on their fitness journey, to start for the first time, for professional networking, to get stronger, to become leaner, to add mass, to keep up with their kids, to decrease stress, to learn how to eat and function better, to learn new skills, to gain confidence, and any number of other reasons.

We regularly hear that this is the best part of people’s days.  Craic is a place of like-minded individuals who are interested in health and fitness.  Our members are taking control of their well-being and their longevity.

This is much more than just a gym.  There is always someone to help hold you accountable.  Members and coaches create bonds with one another and you’re always surrounded by someone who can relate with what you’re going through.  We’re a built-in support system in and out of the gym, with a social environment that revolves around fitness.  We regularly hold fitness and nutrition challenges and host in-house events that are designed to encompass all levels of fitness.