Here it is!  Our top two finishers!  In 2nd place, we have Cami Tedoldi!  And our NBC14 1st PLACE WINNER IS CAROLYN SMITH!  


2nd Place:  Cami!

Cami’s goal heading into this No Bread Challenge was to increase her Bench Press.  She said, “I want to see if I can get stronger at this movement. Last NB I worked on my back squat and my form improved and I felt more confident in some of my olympic lifting and PR’d them over the last few months as a result of strength gainz. I’m hoping that focusing on the bench press will help similarly and transfer over. Also, I like looking jacked when I don’t have sleeves. Being swole is cool. Also, ladies that lift weights are bad ass.”  This is ALL TRUE!  Cami decided to bench press an additional 2-3 times per week in order to try to achieve this goal.

Did she succeed??

“I sure did!!!! Exceeded it!!! I tested my 1RM on 9/22 just before No Bread started. My max that day was 125#, where I had been stuck for quite a while (about a year). I also attempted 130# that day, 3 times, and failed. Today, 11/17, I tested my 1RM and hit 140#!!! I really just wanted 130# and figured anything beyond that would just be that much more exciting!!!!”  Congrats, Cami!

So, how’d she do it?  “To reach my goal, I committed to bench pressing two times a week. I was consistent and stuck to it- and it paid off. I really knew I was on the right track when I hit 122# for 4 reps during the 6th week of No Bread. Up to that point I definitely was feeling stronger, but didn’t REALLY know what was going on until I got to some heavier weights during the training. I really just trusted the program and the process. I also spent some time trying to focus on the form of the lift, and working on my breathing.”  It’s always an awesome feeling to know you’re making progress working towards a goal.  It’s also great to see that Cami had specific focuses during her work (breathing, form, etc.) instead of just going through the motions!

Here’s her video of her 140# Bench Press!

In reflection about this No Bread, Cami said, “I’ve never bench pressed beyond what has been programmed in the gym before, so it was a fairly uncomfortable movement for me.  Simply spending extra time (two times per week) doing the movement with varied weights, made this more comfortable to me.  I have also realized that picking multiple goals to work on at once, is not realistic for me.  I would prefer to have one goal, and commit to it, verses trying to work on multiple movements with very little structure or focus.  In the process, I also learned that I really enjoyed the extra time I spent training for this goal.  I can’t wait to pick another one (back squat…) and get after it!”  So awesome and, again, so true!  When we don’t spread ourselves too thin and really focus on one goal, we can see HUGE changes!

Congrats on this progress and learning these lessons, Cami!  Also, Marc, and all of the rest of us, appreciated your assistance with the Gymnastics group during this Challenge!

1st Place:  Carolyn Smith!

Carolyn saw some AMAZING progress during this No Bread!  She saw changes in her nutrition and body composition, her performance, and her lifestyle!

Carolyn’s goals were to lose more inches and pounds off her waist, belly, and chest, and to get a pull-up.  At the start of The Challenge, she said, “I want to continue my fitness journey to becoming the healthy/strong individual I know I can be.  I plan to do this through continuing Macros (and adding more of a “healthy-carb-only” spin) and following the prescribed pull-up progressions.”  To gage her progress, she would also continue to measure/weigh myself weekly and actually see if she could get a pull-up.

How’d it all go??

Carolyn said, “I reached my inches and pounds goal!  So far this NBC, I am down 8.2lbs, 0.75 inches down at my belly button, 1.5 inches at my hips, 0.25 inches in my bicep, (my thighs are not changing, but probably because I’m also getting stronger), and 1 inch in my chest. I have NOT gotten a pull-up yet, but I need to work harder and I know I have gotten stronger…it’s coming!”  Great progress!  It’s also important to note that Carolyn is down TWENTY POUNDS since starting to focus on her food and nutrition over the summer!

Check out these progress pics!  Thanks for sharing these, Carolyn!  We know you’re going to continue to crush it, too!

Check out these progress pics!  Thanks for sharing these, Carolyn!  We know you’re going to continue to crush it, too!Despite all of these positives, Carolyn’s biggest change was in her lifestyle.  She said, “I added a mental goal half way through No Bread that I didn’t want to sacrifice my happiness anymore at work. I made a point to find a new job that I am going to love and do something about it! NO EXCUSES!!!”  So AWESOME!  Yay for taking control and making changes in and out of the gym!  We wish you all the best with your new job and hope it’s going well so far!

Overall, has joining the gym been a positive experience for Carolyn?  “Yes!! I always am meeting new and inspiring gym members!  And these challenges give us an additional chance to network and share experiences.”  We’re glad you’re here!  Keep up the good work!  And Congrats!