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Today we’re recognizing two more NBC14 winners!  Laura Lajewski is our New Member Winner!  And, Hugh Galligan is our 3rd Place finisher!  


New Member Winner:  Laura Lajewski 

Laura joined the gym just before the start of NBC14.  She jumped right into the program and was excited about managing her food and workouts better!  Her goals were to get a double under and to adopt a No Bread eating plan and lose some weight and inches.  Heading into The Challenge, she said, “I feel like Double Unders are something that I can do if I just keep trying and it’s frustrating for me that I can’t do one.  Also, my weight has fluctuated over the years and I really want to maintain a weight that is healthy and fit.”  Her plan was to practice DUs for one minute every time I’m at the gym and to start following the No Bread food plan for the duration of no Bread.  

Laura says, “My initial goal was to be able to do a double under. I worked on it in the beginning but stopped practicing..I’m not sure why!”  We might be able to let that go… because, “A few weeks in, I decided that I wanted to work on being able to hang and kipping.”  Laura has made a lot of progress here and we hope this work continues.  Just maybe throw in some DU practice every once in a while 😉

At the conclusion of The Challenge, she said, although she had a technology error with her scale, that “I know that I lost weight as my clothes are too big! I’m able to fit into pants that haven’t fit in years. I saw my mom this weekend and she said I look lean and fit. I’m excited that it’s only been 2 and a half months of doing CrossFit…can’t wait to continue. Also, I feel like I’m getting better at kipping and am really happy that I can jump up, hold on and hang!”  This is awesome, Laura!  Keep up the hard work!  

Additionally, she said that she was able to follow the No Bread eating track and that it helped her stick to her goals of meal prep and cooking.  This is great news!  We hope that you’ve gotten into a groove and that you’re going to stick with it!  


3rd Place:  Hugh Galligan 

Hugh had three goals heading into this Challenge.  He wanted to:
1) Follow No Bread eating plan
2) Increase mobility and flexibility
3) String together 5 DUs

To address his mobility goal, he planned to attend mobility classes when he could, but also build in extra mobility work into his workouts at least 15 minutes per day X 5 times/week.  His food plan was to stick to a no bread diet 6 days/week.  He said, “I am going to eat pizza with my kids on Friday nights.”  Yay for balancing life and health!  Additionally, before starting The Challenge, he said, “My wife is doing this goal with me – so I have a partner. We are cooking everything on Sunday and Monday, and making a meal plan for the entire week.”  Also a great plan!  Overall, Hugh’s food goals were more based around energy levels than weight loss, but he’d be fine with losing a few pounds. 

Hugh is also on the mend from a recent injury.  He said, “My 3 goals really all fit together. Since my injury, I have lacked energy and strength. I know that my lifetime lack of mobility and flexibility contributed to this. If I take care of my nutrition and continually address my weaknesses, I will be more confident and increase my energy level.”

At the end of The Challenge, Hugh met most of his goals.  He reported that he, “Lost 8 pounds since 10/1/17 and 2 belt loops. The only eating plans I have ever followed were to gain weight and mass, so this was way new. I will definitely keep it going.”  Great!  He was also able do his mobility work at least 3x per week either in mobility class or on his own.  He said, “With Ben’s programming, this was super helpful. I did lax ball, rolling, and yoga outside of Craic classes.”  Hugh’s final goal wasn’t quite reached, but 2 out of 3 ain’t bad.  And, “While I did not reach this goal, lots of other movements that I previously struggled with improved during this time, especially on the rig – pull-ups (20+ unbroken), C2B (5 unbroken), and T2B (10 unbroken for multiple sets).”  This is great news!  

We’re also proud of Hugh’s ability to take a step back from going heavy for a while and let his body heal and make progress back to 100% before starting to push it again!  Hugh is a STRONG guy, so it sometimes takes a lot for him to hold himself back.  We appreciate when members take the necessary time to recover and work on progressions.  He knew that he could get caught up in the chaos of class, so he took some time to work on his own during Open Gym and has slowly worked himself back into classes!  Awesome job, Hugh!