Monday 1.6.14

Reminder that there is no 6pm or 730pm classes Monday the 6th due to the Goal Setting Workshop.
Check out the Events tap on the main page for upcoming events we are having here at Craic!

You trust in us that we will lead you in the direction of a better
Lifestyle, better Nutrition, as well as elevating your level of
Fitness.  So to give you some insight into what we will be focusing on
over the next (6-8) weeks, you’re likely to see Squatting
(Front/Back/Over Head), Pulling strength (MUs/C2Bs/DeadHangs), and
specific prep for the CrossFit Opens. On Wednesdays for the next (6-8)
weeks you will be seeing a “benchmark” style workout from either a
previous year’s Opens or from the brains of John & Jarrod.  We would
like to see everybody come in that day and post their results to the
white board as well as the comment section of the blog.  The more
interaction that we have with these styles of workouts the more that
the CRAIC community will benefit when “Game” season begins.


What is the CrossFit Open?




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