Friday 1.10.14

This is an article called “The Top Ten Mistakes Crosfitters Make” I am guilty of a few from back when I started, especially number 3. Which ones are you guilty of? Post to comments.


Jarrod breaks down Kristen and Ryan’s Squat Cleans.



9 thoughts on “Friday 1.10.14”

  1. I’m definitely guilty of #3 also. It’s ironic that this breakdown of cleans accompanies this article because those are the exercises I find I sacrifice good form on the most. Especially as I get higher with the weight. All good form goes out the window & I try to “muscle” things. I need to get better at going with lower weight and trying to perfect form as opposed to trying to throw around heavy weight at the expense of that good form. Good article and great breakdown by Jarrod. I am way envious of Ryan’s cleans.

  2. 1. Thanks to Ryan and Kristen for being willing to have their lifts dissected on the site.
    2. I LOVE this Jarrod. I hope to see more. I love slow motion videos you’ve posted of top athletes lifting. But this breaking each movement down with diagrams is AWESOMMMME!!

  3. Thanks for the video, Jarrod, Kristin, and Ryan! I found the blue lines especially helpful.
    80# beg plus partner asst/5+65 (SUs) 20#

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