Wednesday 1.15.14

There are some great tips in this article. I have definitley learned this one,

“You’re Competing Against Yourself, Not Others”

Which ones are helpful to you?


Eddie Crushing the 2k row!!

7 thoughts on “Wednesday 1.15.14

  1. 260 at 35#KB and 35#OHS (think i wrote 40 on board, still dizzy after workout!!)
    great 12Noon class!!!

  2. 50 cookies: aka KBS @ 26#
    300 skips: SU’s
    25 Hugs: front squats with 2×20#db’s
    In my head, that unicorn was lovely:) and there were rainbows. Thanks for the illusions from Karens daughter.

  3. 241 @ 44 kb, single unders, 45 # ohs. Last time I take 3 weeks off. Shout out to Brendan for doing unbroken kb swings!

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