Today’s Workout:

Back Squat 8×2 with 3sec pause at the bottom

Today’s workout is something we have never done at CRAIC before. In the past we have never specified any speed of movement for any exercise, we just tell you how many sets and reps to do. Even though we don’t always tell you guys why we are doing something there is always a reason. I want you all to understand the why behind this particular workout even if you don’t make it in today.

A very common cue you will hear from all of us is to ‘bounce out of the hole’ when we are doing Back Squats, Front Squats, Cleans, Thrusters, and Wallballs. The goal here is fast turnover (change of direction) of the hips. By doing this you can generate a lot of power which can help you get through the usual ‘sticking point’ on a particular exercise a little easier. We also see this happening in kipping pullups, dips, and handstand pushups. The fast change of direction comes from something called the stretch shortening cycle (click the link for a more detailed explanation).

Anyways, that ‘bounce out of the hole’ can def help but what can also help is being stronger through that range of motion. By pausing at the bottom we are taking away any benefit that you are getting from the eccentric (lowering) phase of the movement. With this workout we want you to descend into the bottom of your squat and stop at full depth, your partner will count to 3 out loud, then stand up fast and repeat. 8 sets of 2. Seeing as we have never done this before figuring out weights will be tough for the majority of you so don’t be overly concerned with the numbers on the bar. Whats important is that you get exposed to that different stimulus. The weight lifted will likely be a lot lighter than what you are used to doing for 2 reps.


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0 thoughts on “Friday 08.17.12

  1. Nice Pic!
    I liked this WOD a lot. Significantly lighter than my 1RM but it felt good.
    75# and a great cheering squad! Thanks Hannah and Nicole! Great work COD!

  2. Nice pic!

    Allow me an introduction:
    Hi I’m Jay Condrick, new guy in the 730 AM class.

    Sunday the 19th will mark two milestones for me; 1) my first month at Crossfit Craic and 2) my 50th birthday. Looking forward to many more of both!

    Thanks to everybody in the 730 AM class for making me feel at home right from the get go. Yes, even Jarrod.

    Best of luck to Dickson and Eric as they head off to school.

    Today’s workout hurt in a good way.
    175# with Jake the F.N.G. showing me what good form really looks like.

    E.O.D. ( excuse of the day) Fell of mechanical bull last night. At my ex-wife’s house. Who can top that?

  3. #135 I really liked this WOD. Holding the low squat position allowed me to get over the unnatural feeling of getting low. It also allowed me to really keep my chest up, center the weight over my feet and drive up from my heels.

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  5. AMRAP15 = 9+1
    2 HSPUs
    200m run
    15 sit-ups
    Felt like a kid at Christmas when Johnny D showed up to coach me thru this one 😀

  6. Missed Craic so much I hopped off the plane from Germany, gave my husband a quick hello and ran out the door to Craic.

    Fun working with xtina and Elizabeth. Great coaching Dork and Sara!


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