Craic is an Irish word that means “fun.” At Craic, we are focused on improving the quality of our clients’ lives through measured changes in lifestyle, nutrition, and fitness.

We work with people at varying stages of life regardless of exercise history, ability level, or age. Every workout we program is scalable and can be modified based on how long you have been training, your current fitness level, and what your goals are.

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    Happy Start of the Holiday Season! As a whole, we’re pretty fortunate to have enough chicken breast to hit our macros, enough protein powder to fuel our gains, and enough…

  • No Bread Challenge 12 Winners, Part 2

    As promised, announcing our “newbie” winners and outstanding squads…. The “newbie” category is awarded to two new members of the gym.  One of these two people started at Craic just…

  • No Bread Challenge 12 Winners, Part 1

    No Bread Challenge 12 was pretty amazing!  Per usual, there were so many successful results submitted at the end of The Challenge that winners were difficult to choose.  We decided…


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