St. Patty's Day Throwdown

Craic is an Irish word that means “fun.” At Craic, we are focused on improving the quality of our clients’ lives through measured changes in lifestyle, nutrition, and fitness.

We work with people at varying stages of life regardless of exercise history, ability level, or age. Every workout we program is scalable and can be modified based on how long you have been training, your current fitness level, and what your goals are.

Sonia's run

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  • Friday Weather Update!

    WEATHER UPDATE! To be safe and make sure all of the roads/lots are cleared, we’re going to have a delayed opening tomorrow, Friday 2/10.   *There will be no morning…

  • Thursday Weather Update!

    As of 10am Thursday 2/9, both locations will be CLOSED for the rest of the day!   Stay home, safe, and warm!

  • The plan for Thursday 2/9!

    As of now (6:23pm on Wednesday night), tomorrow morning’s classes through the 9 are still on.   Depending on the storm, we’ll reevaluate after that and will keep everyone posted…


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