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November 28, 20133 Comments

I’ve noticed that over the past few days everyone around me has been much nicer to each other than normal. People are coming up to me as they leave the gym, shaking my hand, looking me in the eye and wishing me a Happy Thanksgiving.

This is totally common behavior around America during this time. As I become more and more conscious to people around me, their behaviors, as well as my own I can’t help but think what the world would be like if everyone was just a little nicer to each other more often.

This time of year is almost as big as xmas for reuniting families all over the country. I think this is what brings out the gratitude and thankfulness in everyone. This day is literally set up to acknowledge the things you are thankful for in your life. When I have visited Sara’s family in previous years there is a tradition where we go around the table and each give thanks for things in our lives.

I think this is awesome. Having said that I would LOVE if this kind of attitude was adopted more often the world over. Can you imagine what the world would be like if every evening we all got to sit down with loved ones and tell each of them what we were thankful for? I think this would breed a much more caring and understanding society. While it’s not realistic to try and do this every evening for most people, it is definitely something people can do more often.

Recently I have been trying to constantly remind myself to be grateful for everything that exists in my world. If I start to perceive something as negative I catch myself and immediately look for the positive and try to balance it out. I’m starting to get to the point of realizing and truly feeling that there is nothing in this world that is either bad or good. Those are just labels we attach to certain things. Understanding that there is always support with challenge, good with evil, nice with mean etc has been a tough mountain to climb but through coaching, studying, and looking at my life objectively it’s becoming clearer and clearer with each day that passes. The workings of Demartini have had very heavy influence on my new outlook but now I’m starting to branch out and explore more in the realm of philosophy and psychology.

I am by no means ‘there’ with my level of understanding. In fact one of my new affirmations is ‘I will never arrive’ meaning the journey will never end. My ultimate quest is total self mastery but I know I will never achieve it. Sometimes I succeed and move on and others I get stuck for a while. The more success you have, the more advanced your problems just seem to get.  Dealing with my shoulder is a constant battle. Working out was my whole world. I purposely set up my entire life around being able to do it for a living and then the very thing that I loved so much and sacrificed everything for became what lead to my own downfall. Is that irony at its finest or what?

It would be easy for me to mope around complaining about how much I want to workout and think about all of the things I’m currently unable to do but what I’m learning is that it’s just as easy for me to think about all of the things that I currently AM able to do and simply focus on that. For those of you who read my thoughts regularly you will know that I’ve adopted that mindset since I found out about my injury couple of months ago. As I said above though, its a constant battle. The same as anything in life, you need reps, sets, and consistency in order to see results.

I am actually grateful for my injury. It’s allowed me to do so many other things! People are saying to me ‘well at least you have a good attitude about it’ – which is totally common, because to the masses it’s both accepted and expected to dwell on the negative instead of the positive. Over time I’m going to try and change that mindset. First in myself, second in those who are closest to me, third in those who read this blog, and then the world…. joking, kinda :)

As a starting point I encourage you all to give daily, weekly, and monthly thanks and gratitude to those who contribute to your life. Go give someone you love a hug, kiss, or caring word right now.



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  1. Don says:

    Will the new gym to close to ur current one? And congrats!!! Reading your blog makes me think ur truly living the dream!!

  2. john says:

    Thanks Don,
    The new place is 10mins away

  3. Karyn M says:

    Hey John, Occasionally I read you and Sara’s blogs. I loved your post today. About a year ago I started a thankful journal. Each night I simply write “I am grateful, joyful and aware of…” and I put 3 to 5 things from the day that made me feel any of those 3 emotions…little things to big things. It’s amazing what a positive impact feeling grateful, choosing to be happy and being aware of the world around you can have on your every day life. It’s obvious that you’re discovering this. You’re right, imagine what it would be like if more people thought and acted this way. Have a great trip!

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