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December 15, 2014

2014 has been a crazy year for me. Lots of challenges to overcome, physically, and mentally. It’s hard to believe that this time last year BASE jumping was just a dream in the back of my mind and now it’s something I do regularly and constantly think about. The personal growth I feel like I’ve gained from it is near impossible to describe in words but I will continue to try as time goes on. Each and every time I go out to make a jump it’s a completely new experience. Even if I’m jumping off something I’ve jumped before it’s always different. There is always a new variable to take into consideration and that makes it ever more exciting.

December is the only month of the year that I haven’t been traveling this year. It’s been nice to settle into work and refocus a little. I’ve also been planning a lot of adventures and settings goals for next year. Topping everything this year will be a huge challenge but I’m confident I’ll make it happen.

I’ve started going through footage of my jumps from the past couple months and made a couple edits. Again it’s impossible to really capture these moments but I’ll do the best I can.

Thank you for watching

Maui Life

November 15, 2014

Standing at the airport Jarrod asks me “Is that Tim Ferris behind you?” – I turn around and was shocked to see him sitting there on his computer. We went over and introduced ourselves and chatted for a few mins. Tims book ‘The Four Hour Workweek” is one of the books that I can confidently say changed my life. For anyone who hasn’t read it I strongly recommend picking up a copy. Despite what the title says its not about only working four hours a week and it’s not just for people who run their own businesses. It’s simply a bunch of strategies that you can apply to your life to free up more time for yourself and for the things that you love while still accomplishing your mission critical tasks. I loved the book so much that I bought the audiobook and still listen to it regularly.

I told him how much I loved it and how I’ve implemented a lot of his principles into my own life.

What I thought of later (hindsight being 20:20) is that I wouldn’t have even had the opportunity to be taking a vacation to Maui had I not read his book. Pretty fuckin cool to meet a guy who is in some way responsible for me going on a trip when we never even met. I can only hope that someday I can pay it forward by inspiring others to do the same.


sunsets, mai-tais, my friend james, driving, BASE jumping, waterfalls, blunts, 30 year old men, nude old people, early nights, camping, more driving, waves, bare feet, house boats, tattoos, gainers, and lots of staring at amazing scenery.

Thats basically what my life consisted of over the past week. Ate A LOT of shit food, drove everywhere, and pretty much had zero responsibilities other than staying alive. Sounds amazing but I’m def happy to be back home and back into my ‘routine’. It’s hard to even say that I have a routine as it changes weekly depending on what I am doing. I feel like I have truly created a life I don’t need to escape from and majority of the time I am very grateful for things as they are.


Maui is a really cool place. Prob the most beautiful I’ve been to so far on my travels. The climate there is crazy. It can be pissing rain and look like the worst day of the year and then you drive for 20mins and its the nicest day of the year.

As I may have mentioned we (myself and Jarrod) went for a little business/mostly pleasure. We visited pretty much every CrossFit gym on the island and spoke with the owners/coaches. Our intent was to see if there was any market over there to possibly open another location but the end result was that its pretty saturated as it is. You could say the same for Boston, or any major city in America at this point but Maui is a small place and it def doesn’t have as much opportunity as over here on the mainland.

The highlight of the trip for me was jumping off my first Building! What a fuckin rush. I honestly can’t put it into words the battles I have gone through physically and mentally since starting jumping earlier this year. I’m blown away at how welcoming the BASE community is as a whole as well. I spent the last 4 months trying to arrange a jump while out in Hawaii and the stars lined up perfectly and managed to pull it off.

I’m not going to say where, when, or what time this jump took place. I’ll just say that the entire experience felt like pulling off a bank robbery only we did not steal anything, break anything, disturb anyone, or leave any trace. It was a true Bond mission. I was nervous as usual for the build up to the jump but it all went off really smooth.

This was my first building but it was way less stressful than jumping a tower or cliff. I think the exposure while climbing hundreds of feet and having to take breaks really builds up things in your head and while on a cliff edge things are intensified even more. Once your in the stairwell of a building you simply walk up the stairs and jump. Nothing to it right :)

The journey of pushing my limits and never becoming complacent is never ending.

The Fear will never go away as long as I continue to grow.

I have no more travel plans for the rest of the year which is a nice change of pace but I may sneak off for a weekend somewhere at some point. I’ve been away every month this year for a min of 4 days except for Jan (was recovering from foot surgery). I set a goal of doing just that last year and I’m psyched I was able to pull it off. I’ll most likely post a year in review end of next month detailing it a little more but next year ever I’ll no doubt be upgrading it again and continuing my mission of creating my life exactly how I want it to be.


Zombies, BASE jumping, and Maui

October 29, 2014

Lots going on over the past couple weeks.
I’ve started writing a couple of ebooks on the topics of Lifestyle, Nutrition, and Fitness. Planning on releasing them all gradually over the coming weeks and months so stay tuned for that.
It’s really cool to be in a position where people value what I have to say and actually take advice from me on particular topics – namely fitness and nutrition. It’s a humbling feeling as I’m almost 10 years into doing this professionally and I still feel like I’m only scratching the surface of what I can learn and apply to my life.

I’ve also started a little blog series on Skydivemag.com – check out my first post here

We had our CRAIC Halloween party last week following our annual fundraiser -Barbells for Boobs which raises money to fight breast cancer. Awesome event as usual.

The workout for the event is always Grace which consists of 30 Clean & Jerks @135lbs for time. I somehow managed to get 2:18 which shocked me. My best ever is 1:59 which I did back in 2011 – video here.

I really haven’t been doing much CrossFit recently because of injuries and lack of wanting to go to that dark place which is why I was pleasantly surprised with 2:18. Nice to know that I can still get after it when I need to.

Dressed up as a zombie with Sara – awesome idea and looked awesome even if I do say so myself.


Crazy trippy jump recently.

Location: unspecified
Time: unspecified
Date: unspecified

This was my 3rd total solo. I had planned to go somewhere else but the weather changed last min as is often the case with BASE jumping so I went to this one.

I got to the site and the fear hit the pit of my stomach like crazy. Looking up at the tower all I wanted to do was turn around and go back to my wife in bed. The head games I play with myself are crazy. I honestly trick myself into it most of the time. I decided I would get my gear and just walk up to the landing area to see what it looked like but not have any pressure on myself. Next thing you know I’m at the foot of the tower telling myself I’ll just climb 100′ to see what the wind is doing, and next thing I know I’m standing on the edge at the top. I don’t know why but I was more scared on this one than a lot of previous jumps.

The jump itself went perfect. Opened on heading and flew right to the landing area and sunk it in. After landing I got a crazy rush through my body and dry heaved a couple times. I thought I was going to puke everywhere but luckily didn’t. Grabbed up my shit, and the glow sticks I had thrown in the LZ (#leavenotrace) and I was out of there. Jump no.73 in the books and fuck me was it an adventure. Every single jump is a crazy accomplishment and totally different even if you have jumped the object before.

Doing this shit alone gives me an amazing sense of accomplishment. Even thinking back on it I don’t actually believe I did it.

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to fully explain to anyone why I do it. The fear is almost paralyzing but the desire to continue is greater than the desire to quit and until that changes I don’t see myself slowing down.


On Friday morning I’m going to Maui for a week! Aloha Bitches. Headed there with my boy Jarrod for a little business/pleasure. One of my buddies from High School lives there so it’s going to be cool to see him AND I just got hooked up with a local jumper in Oahu so hopefully I’ll be able to jump my first building while there.

Gota say I am loving life at the moment. It’s full of ups and downs but I’ve created it that way and I have no plans on stopping anytime soon.

Heres a little cliff jump for your entertainment. This was my first jump back after my hospital visit so I was a little freaked out but had to get back in the saddle.

#dowhatyoulove #makeshithappen #feelthefear #ownyourlife

Bridge Day

October 24, 2014


Back from Bridge Day! I briefly mentioned in my previous post that I was headed to West Virgina for this event.

It’s an annual event thats been going on for many years and they open up the bridge to myself and my crazy friends to jump off it for a few hours.

The weekend was awesome. I got to hang out with my buddies that I hadn’t seen for a few months and got to exchange some stories about what we’ve been doing that we shouldn’t have been and all that.

Considering I was coming back from a foot injury I was a lot more nervous than usual. The morning of the event I had my usual mental battle consisting of me trying to talk myself out of it and eventually giving in. I honestly don’t know why I put myself through the stress of it hahaha.

I built up the courage to do one jump. I had been telling everyone for months that I was planning on doing my first gainer at the event so I stuck to my word and managed to pull it off! It felt fucking amazing and of course after the adrenaline wore off I was hungry for more but I managed to restrain myself. Now that I have successfully done my first flip its just opened up another door for me to start exploring beyond.



Anniversary month and on the road again.

October 15, 2014

October is my Anniversary month for a few things.

1- October 6th – I’ve now been living in America for 5 years. 

Before I moved here I had no idea what was in store for me. I took a chance on a girl I was in love with, worked hard, and one thing lead to another. At this point in time I can’t imagine living anywhere else. I love it here.

2 – October 10th – My gym has now been open for 4 years. 

To say owning a business has it’s ups and downs would be an understatement. It’s been the most rewarding, challenging, frustrating, fulfilling thing I’ve ever done. The people I’ve met, the challenges I’ve overcome, and personal growth I have achieved is priceless. I can only hope that the next 4 years bring me as much opportunity to continue growing.

This was one of the first photos ever at CRAIC Dedham.

3- October 16th – 5 years married 

Last on the list but by far the most important. Meeting Sara in New Zealand was the catalyst that has lead to life as I know it. I wouldn’t be in America, no business, no BASE jumping, none of it would have happened had we not crossed paths and began our journey together. Its crazy to think of all the people I interact with on a daily basis and all the relationships that have been formed as a result of CRAIC opening and how it all began just because Sara and I are together.

I love my wife dearly and I make sure she always knows that. We live an extremely privileged life and we are only getting started.

 I’m off to west Virginia today for Bridge Day which is an annual BASE jumping event. I’m recovering from a foot injury at the moment so fingers crossed I’ll actually be able to jump.

details to follow.

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