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Another Week Review

February 28, 20140 Comments

Last weekend I went to California for a few days of jumping. Even though it felt like forever since I’ve been I’m very appreciative to have the opportunity to go jump during the off season in New England. I got to jump in November, December, and February which most jumpers living in this region cannot say.

Awesome weekend. 70 degree weather and jumping out of planes pretty much sums it up. I did 14 jumps total including one Ballon jump bringing my total up to 150. I’ve come a long way but I’m only getting started!
Friday I was in San D – I had to get a coached jump as with the current license I have you need to jump every 60 days to keep it active. Since my last jump was first week of December I was a little over.
I was def scared getting into the plane thinking things like ‘am I really going to do this?’ but as always the drive to get in an jump out is greater than the drive to stay grounded.

In the moments when the fear starts to creep in I’m reminded of my first few jumps and how terrified I was.
This pic is of a guy getting ready for his first solo with his 2 instructors.

Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 8.04.00 AM

Drove up to Perris Valley on Saturday, jumped for the day and hit the Ballon Sunday morning. I got a lot of solid practice in. I jumped solo on most of my jumps as I was there to train more so have fun and meet new people.

Here’s my first installment of Breaking Into BASE – enjoy


This past week was crazy busy at work. With everything going on I’ve been out of the house for 12-16 hours a day and have not made time to sit down and update the blog but it’s been great. I haven’t done much reading in the past week either but I got so much done that I put it down as a win.

I really thought I had more to write but I guess not – short and boring – thats my style – hahaha.

Lot of vids to come of me falling off and out of stuff!

Wrapping up the week

February 22, 20140 Comments

So after my confidence boost earlier in the week I got a bit of a slap in the face Thursday morning. I was coaching the Craic O Dawn Classes and my shoulder was throbbing for about an hour or so. I’m not sure if this was a delayed soreness from the past few days but it was super deflating.
My mind started down the path of ‘you’re and idiot, you pushed it too much, you were doing so good’ etc etc.
One of the huge benefits of all the time I spend studying personal development is that I can now catch myself getting sucked into these thought patterns and reverse them. Sometimes I can do this quicker than others but the majority of the time I can fight back the demons.
“We can make ourselves strong or we can make ourselves weak. The amount of work is the same.”

I gave myself a lot of tough love and after the classes I started warming up and did some Snatching and the pain went away.
I’m not saying that you can heal an injury with your mind but your own psychology definitely has heavy influence on how you feel physically. If I had let the negativity though the cracks I may not have worked out, would have beat myself up, would have allowed myself to get stressed out, and that mentality would have snowballed the rest of the day.

I ended up Snatching 225lbs – After barely making 205lbs last Sunday on account of my leg being so weak I was super happy with this.

My missed attempt in the video was because when I received the bar overhead my snow removal guy walked in and waved at me and I got distracted. It would have been much more bad ass to stand up with it and then walk over to him but what ya gonna do ?

I was over at my new gym today checking in on progress. I’m so grateful that it’s actually happening. It’s a testament that if you have a vision, and look after your people that success will come. The opportunity for me to open this new gym came as a result of helping one of my clients change his life and now he has given me the opportunity to continue down the path.

As my business grows the problems I get to deal with are getting bigger and bigger and that’s where I thrive. I tend to succeed the most when my back is against the wall. This new venture is already presenting a lot of challenges and I will continue to face them head on and not let anyone fuck with my dreams. I am on a mission and I’m bringing those around me who are willing to put in the work to the top with me.

I’m excited to be able to continue to be a positive influence in peoples lives and will be doing so for a very long time to come.

Stay tuned

Dangerously Good

February 19, 20140 Comments

“There is no such thing as maturity. There is instead an ever-evolving process of maturing. Because when there is a maturity, there is a conclusion and a cessation. That’s the end. That’s when the coffin is closed. You might be deteriorating physically in the long process of aging, but your personal process of daily discovery is ongoing. You continue to learn more and more about yourself every day.” Bruce Lee


This week has been great training. My foot and shoulder feel really really good. Dangerously Good! haha

Sunday – Came back from maine and watched our ladies competing at the CRASH B’s. Awesome event. People from all over the world were there.
That night we hosted a lifting session and I snatched and C+J’d for the first time in months. I worked up to 205lb snatch which I hit a couple times and only went up to 155 C+J. Everything felt really good, my right leg was just crazy weak. it felt like I was doing pistols ;)

Monday – Worked out with a class for the first time in forever. Prob two years at least.
Workout was
A. Pullup strength work 4×5 weighted strict C2B (10lbs)
B. 5 rounds – 2-3min rewet in between
10 Back Squats 95-115-125-135-135
Row 350m

Felt good after this – my abs were crazy sore.

Tuesday – Went over to Charles River CrossFit to train with my boy Erik. Myself and Erik are old training partners. It was really cool to see him and workout together again.

I followed along as best I could with what was programmed for him but modified most of the stuff.
A. couple sets of 95lb Deadlifts then some single leg deadliest with empty BB
B. 3×5 Bar Muscle ups – felt really good – no pain
C. 3 rounds – 4min rest in between
50 wallballs – went 12, 12, 12, 14 on each set
15 Toes to Bar – 5,5,5 each set
15sec AD @100% – 10-12 CALS each effort

Feel so good right now. My love for training is building back up gradually. It’s extremely refreshing to not have to worry about a particular program to follow right now. I just have to be smart about what i choose to do. Having said that I squatted the last 3 days but none of it was too strenuous.

I was scheduled to go up to the tunnel this evening (tuesday) but got half way to NH and had to turn around cause traffic was so bad I wasn’t going to make my appointment. Shit happens right?

Rest Day tomorrow then train Thursday and then Cali for the weekend :)

Little by Little

February 15, 20140 Comments

Back in October I was diagnosed with a torn labrum in my right shoulder and was told I would need to have surgery to fix it. Since then my performance goals have gradually been pushed further and further into the back of my head. I’ve been doing lots of basic strength training since then revolving around shoulder presses, pull-ups, DB external rotations and some isolation work. It seems to be paying off as I have less and less pain as time goes on.

This time last year I was gearing up for the Opens having 12 months of solid training under my belt and was in the best shape of my life from a performance standpoint. Between Feb 14 and 20th last year I hit 2 Squat Cleans @285 , Power Snatched 225, did 20 muscle ups for time in 2:01 and a couple other things. Looking back through my blog and all the numbers def makes me a little nostalgic but at the same time I’m very happy with where I am at the moment.

Priorities in life are always changing and even though my recent hiatus was somewhat forced I am grateful for the time it game me to reflect on the path my life is taking.

For 7 years my life revolved around my performance all in relation to the numbers. Now that I’ve come full circle my goals are solely towards being healthy and pain free.
This week was the first time I’ve done anything really CrossFitty in months and it felt great.
Yesterday I did:
5 rounds – couple mins rest in between each
10 Pullups – did a few sets strict unbroken and some 5 strict and 5 kipping
10 Pushups
10 Thrusters@65lbs
3 rounds
50 Double Unders – foot is feeling good
20 GHD situps

I played around with a couple of strict muscle ups and they felt good. My shoulder is def still a little achey, I def still have the injury but it’s manageable. My ankle kills pretty much all the time and takes a good 15-20mins in the morning to stop throbbing EVERY DAY and I can live with that without complaining so fuck it. We all have our shit to deal with right?

Watching videos like the above makes me want to get back to that point again BUT I am in no rush what so ever. I will take my time and see what happens.

Up in Maine for the weekend hanging out with family I haven’t seen in a while. Really nice to see everyone.

Trip to Cali next weekend for more Ballon jumps!

Head Down Baby!

February 8, 20140 Comments

Awesome week. I’m officially back in the swing of coaching, working out myself, up at 4am reading, and just feeling lots of gratitude for everything that comes my way.

I read two books in the past week. One was titled – Daring Greatly and the other – Outwitting the Devil. Both of them came at a perfect time for me.


“Daring Greatly dispels the cultural myth that vulnerability is weakness and argues that it is, in truth, our most accurate measure of courage.”

Pretty much my whole life I’ve tried to hide my vulnerability from others. I tend to seek out activities that scare me in an attempt to escape vulnerability and eventually break free from it. I made an effort to hide my feelings about a lot of things as I would get upset when I heard others complain about stuff. I wanted people to think I was fearless, bulletproof and that nothing could phase me. In reality it’s my ability to constantly put myself out there that actually gives me the courage that I’ve been seeking. I’m always scared. I’m scared every time I give a talk. I’m scared before some sessions with my clients. I’m scared everytime I enter a competition. I’m scared every time I meet someone new. I’m scared every time I get into a plane knowing I’m going to jump out of it. I constantly put myself into vulnerable situations which can result in failure and that is exactly why I succeed.

In my quest for self mastery I’m becoming more and more aware that for me it’s all about the search. I’m not trying to find the end point, the perfect program, philosophy, mentor, or permanent solution to rid myself of the fear. I continue to seek out more and more and more in an attempt to never stop progressing.

As Susan Jefferes puts it in her book Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway – “The fear will never go away as long as I continue to grow”

Outwitting the Devil has been on my shelf for months and I don’t know what compelled me to pick it up this week but it was the perfect complement to Daring Greatly.

The book is based on an interview Napoleon Hill held with the Devil himself. The reader is encouraged to make your own decision on weather or not this was an imaginary event created by Hill or if it actually took place. Regardless of your own interpretation this book is AMAZING and was WAY ahead of its time.

Apparently it was written in the 1930′s and Hill’s family only gave permission for it to be published in 2011 due it’s controversial content. Napoleon Hill is famous for his book ‘Think and Grow Rich’. That was one of the first books I read which inspired me to open my gym. I remember  reading it when I used to work at CrossFit Newton and take the bus out there everyday.

The Devil represents everything that can be perceived as negative in the world. The interview revolves around 7 principles which you need to make a part of your life in order to not live in fear and subordination.

The two books fit together really well and hammer home the concepts of:

- Have a vision for exactly how you want your life to look.
- Become a master of your emotions and ask yourself challenging questions constantly.
- Learn from adversity and how you only actually fail at something when you quit.
- If you don’t make things happen then things will happen to you. Be proactive v.s reactive.
- Time is your most precious commodity.
- Every failure brings with it the seed of an equivalent success.

Obviously all of the above points can be deeply elaborated on and I encourage anyone reading this to check out the books if you have any interest.

The last point was very significant for me personally. In a previous post I had written something to the effect of ‘It’s easy to be grateful when things are going your way but the real challenge is being grateful when things are stacked against you.’ This quote was huge for me in the past week when I was dealing with a lot of personal insecurities surrounding self worth and similar head trash.

What I’ve found is that the more I am willing to open up to others and show my true self the more others are willing to do the same and thats extremely encouraging for me to continue down this road.


I got back in the wind tunnel last week. First time in there since October and I was def a little rusty. I got an action packed year ahead of me between skydiving and BASE trips so lots of footage to come.

I’ve been learning Head Down flying in the tunnel most recently. It’s extremely difficult. In the video below you can see me getting off the net unassisted for the first time. I know I will look back on this video in a few years and laugh at it but now it’s a big accomplishment for me.

It’s funny to watch cause it really doesn’t look that impressive but it’s taken me 11 hours in the tunnel to get to this point and I’m actually considered to be a relatively quick learner.Keep in mind that you have to fly on your belly, back, and sitting upright before you even begin trying head down. Each of the above take quite a while to get the hang of.

Anyways the other night I was getting extremely frustrated and wanted to quit. The rotations work in 90sec intervals. You go in for 90sec, out for 90sec and do that for 30mins. During one rest period I started checking out saying things like ‘fuck it, on the next one just go in and do what you’re already good at.’ Then another voice came in and said ‘just when you are about to quit is usually the moment where you are about to succeed’ – Sure enough on the next rotation I got up.

This story seems so insignificant but resonates a lot with me. You can apply that concept to everything in life. I’ve had situations like that happen in various different areas and more often than I would like to admit I have quit. Repeating on the above – You only fail if you quit. Don’t quit.

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